10 Best Gifts for New Mothers in 2022

10 Best Gifts for New Mothers in 2022

Know a Mom who has just given birth? Wondering what you can give her to make her feel seen and loved as she enters this new phase of motherhood?

Here’s a list of 10 easy gift options, available in Singapore, that we’ve compiled for you.

  1. Care packages from Fourth Wellness

    Mothers need space to breathe and relax too as they go through this exhausting transition. We kick off our first product - RELAX Kit, a ready-made care package consisting of items that can aid in their relaxation during this period. Some items also serve dual purposes that can be helpful for lactation support too.

  2. Massage / Massage tools

    Massage is very helpful in restoring a woman’s body postpartum. If you can afford to gift them a postnatal massage session, that would be great! Alternatively, small items such as massage guns, massage canes and Gua Sha massage stones can be good to provide some simple relief at home. Fourth Wellness RELAX Kit includes the Gua Sha too!

  3. Aromatherapy products

    One can never have too many candles or reed diffusers for these are useful in creating that moment of zen in the midst of chaos. However, we also recommend aromatherapy using eye pillows, like the one we include in our RELAX Kit. Having the options for hot or cool therapies, they can also double up as warm/cold compress for treating engorged breasts.

  4. Caffeine-free teas

    Teas that help Mamas rest and relax can be very comforting for them during this period. Chamomile teas, for example, are able to aid them in getting more restful sleep and since they are caffeine-free, there’s no concern for breastfeeding moms. You may find chamomile tea in our RELAX Kit as well.

  5. Straw water bottle

    Hydration is key for breastfeeding moms (whether they are exclusive latching baby or pumping). Having a straw water bottle at hand helps so Mama does not need to open a water bottle cap or worry that Baby would knock over that open glass of water!

  6. Nourishment hampers

    Traditional hampers for new moms can be found at Eu Yan Sang, where they include nourishing items such as bird’s nest drinks and chicken essence, which are beneficial to replenish the nutrients the mother may require.

  7. Herbal baths/soups/teas

    The Chinese confinement practices often include herbal baths, soups and teas that are beneficial to a mother in her postpartum recovery. If you know a mom who may not have the benefits of having a live-in confinement nanny, Madam Partum is a good place to purchase packs of these items that would help them.

  8. Snacks

    Breastfeeding moms get hungry very often! Their metabolism rates are much higher than before as they are feeding themselves and their babies. Healthy snacks which are also lactation boosting can be very helpful to stave off hunger pangs and also improve milk quality/quantity. 

  9. Comfy loungewear that can also be nursing friendly

    New moms are going to be at home a lot in the postpartum period. Why not give them something beautiful yet comfy to dress in so they may still look and feel good in their postpartum bodies? Sojao and Sunday Bedding are some of my favourite brands which sell sustainably made loungewear made from cotton, linen or bamboo sateen that don’t just look good at home, but can be worn out too.

  10. Silk Pillowcases

    Postpartum hair loss is no joke! Consider gifting new moms some silk pillowcases to help counter this problem they face. Silk pillowcases help reduce friction between hair and skin while sleeping, and this is helpful to reduce hair loss for new moms. Burr sells them alongside with scrunchies too which can also make a really cute gift for new moms!

Hope you are able to find a gift that shows you love and care for that new mom you know!

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