4 Gifts for Breastfeeding Moms

4 Gifts for Breastfeeding Moms

What makes a great gift for new moms, and especially if they are also breastfeeding their babies too? Read on to find out what are our 4 recommended gifts that we simply love!

  1. A Relax Kit

    Breastfeeding is hard work, even if it may not look like it on the outside. But think about how a mom is consistently latching her baby or expressing milk every few hours, even through the night at times. How exhausting must that be! Our very own RELAX Kit is great to give them a short respite from that when they use the eye pillow when they sleep or give themselves some self-care with a facial massage. They can also use the eye pillow as a hot/cold compress and the gua sha massage stone to help with engorgement issues too.

  2. Lactation goodies

    A breastfeeding mama is constantly hungry because a lot of their energy intake is used to produce breastmilk! Give them a selection of healthy snacks and help boost their supply at the same time with the offerings from 2NutGuys! At Fourth Wellness, we also partner with them to carry their Mummy’s Nutmond Butter in store too!

  3. Nursing Cover

    Mother breastfeeding child under nursing cover
    Photo by RDNE Stock project
    Having a good nursing cover is essential to nursing or even pumping more conveniently on the go! There aren’t always nursing rooms available so it helps to be able to breastfeed the hungry baby modestly in public. With Singapore’s hot and humid weather, we love these bamboo nursing covers from Kidlee Collective for they are so light and breathable! Even if your Mama friend only pumps her breastmilk out, these are great as a cover-up for times she has to pump in public spaces too!

  4. Nipple Cream

    Nipple Cream
    Photo by RF._.studio
    The initial days of breastfeeding can be physically unbearable. Newborns need milk very frequently so the constant latching/pumping can often result in very sore nipples. Gifting Mamas a good nipple cream can be quite the life-saver for them!

Christmas is round the corner so if you're racking your brains looking for a gift, why not consider some of these ideas for that Mama who breastfeeds! Or check out our Christmas gift ideas under $35 here too!

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