Christmas Gifts Under $35

Christmas Gifts Under $35

Christmas is coming and if you are still on the search for gifts, here’s a list of what we have to offer during this season! And the best part - they are all gifts under $35 (before shipping)!

Rose Quartz Gua Sha Massage Stone 

Don’t belittle this small stone for it has mighty benefits! Using it for facial massages can greatly improve blood circulation and help lift off some fatigue you may face during the day. Priced at only $10.90, you get a linen bag along with it which you may carry the stone around and whip it out at your convenience anywhere you like. For $2, you may also add on a Christmas card if you’d like!

Lavender Flax Seed Eye Pillow

These eye pillows are from one of our partners, The Asli Co. and are lovingly sewn by the Orang Asli Community. Filled with lavender and flax seeds, this weighted pillow with an amazing scent is sure to help one to relax when placed over the eyes during a little mid-day shut-eye or part of the bedtime routine. The pillow can also be heated up or used cold, both accomplishing different purposes. The affordable price of $14.90 definitely makes it a worthwhile gift this season. Add on a Christmas card too for another $2!

RELAX Kit *Christmas Edition*

Our RELAX Kit includes both the above mentioned items along with some Pukka Herbal Chamomile and Relax Tea! In place of the usual card for new moms, we have a Christmas greeting card which you may also include your personalised handwritten note on the back of it. Priced at just $28, it is definitely a good deal!

Främsta Shower Steamer (Slumber)

We have specially partnered with Framsta this Christmas to have their shower steamers as an add-on for $4. You may add it to any of the individual items or to the RELAX Kit.

So even with all the add-ons, you can be assured that all our gifts are priced under $35 before shipping! Orders above $80 qualify for free shipping as well. 

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