Introducing: The Peri Bottle!

Introducing: The Peri Bottle!

Did you know? The perineal wash bottle is an absolute must-have for every woman’s postpartum recovery. Today, we are here to answer some of the questions surrounding this essential tool in postpartum recovery!

What is a perineal wash bottle?

It is a squeeze bottle which you can fill with water and squirt water out through the attached spout. Specifically, the ones with the upside down spout design works the best as the angle is best suited for spraying down below while you're seated on the toilet bowl.

Why do you need it?

After childbirth, the perineal area will be sensitive. With all the bleeding in the initial postpartum days, a wash bottle allows for a gentle, soothing cleanse without the need for harsh wiping to keep the area clean. Maintaining good hygiene down there also reduces the risk of infection and promoting faster healing. Plus, the warm water spray can provide much-needed relief from discomfort and swelling.
Simple to use and portable, Mamas can easily take it with them wherever they go too. For the C-sect Mamas, it also means they don’t have to bend over as much when using this vs wiping with toilet paper.

How do you use it?

Fill it with warm water or even add a few drops of witch hazel or an herbal sitz bath for extra soothing comfort.

When do you use it?

In the initial postpartum days, there will be lots of bleeding, whether you gave birth naturally or via C-section. That's when you'll use it to clean and maintain good hygiene down there. C-sect mamas, you can also use it to gently clean your C-sect wound.

When else can I use it after I’m done having kids?

Travel with it to places where toilet hygiene may not be the best.
Use it on your baby or toddlers to clean their dirty bums!
We hope you have a better idea now of why the perineal wash bottle is such a must-have for every woman giving birth! Get one here now.
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