Our Story

Fourth Wellness is created by a mother who appreciated the thoughtful gifts from friends that were helpful for her postpartum recovery and throughout the “Fourth Trimester”. A term coined by Dr Harvey Karp, it describes the first 3 months of a newborn's life when he is adjusting to living outside the mother's womb and is undergoing lots of physical, mental and developmental changes. Often, much attention is focused on welcoming this newborn and gifts are mainly bought for the baby to celebrate the joyous occasion.

However, this is also a time when both physical and mental health of a mother who has just given birth is most challenged. While the newborn is adjusting, so is a mother who has to adjust to the many hormonal and physical changes after giving birth. Not to mention the emotional and mental challenges, especially so if one is a first time mother. Having given birth to my first child overseas and away from my mother or mother-in-law, the struggles are real, but the thoughtful gifts from friends definitely helped make it more pleasant and manageable.

While in Singapore, or Asia at large, the practice of confinement often helps a mother replenish what her body has lost, more can still be done to help improve a mother’s mental wellness during this crucial fourth trimester. Friends and family can still find ways to love and care for a mother.

Fourth Wellness is about loving mothers in the fourth trimester and caring for their needs as their bodies heals after giving birth. We are here to provide every spouse, family member, and friend with options and inspirations of how you may gift a mother and restore wellness to her after she has given birth.

Go forth and send your love to someone who has just given birth and bless her with your thoughtfulness.

Sarah (Founder)