How to use (RELAX)

Fourth Wellness Rose Quartz Gua Sha Massage Stone

  • Face:

    Massage from center to the periphery of the face. You may chill the Gua Sha in the fridge and use it for a cold stone massage if desired.
  • Breasts:

    Massage while expressing milk or nursing to improve milk flow. Start from the sides of the breasts and move the Gua Sha towards the nipple line. 

Fourth Wellness x The Asli Co. Lavender Eye Pillow

  • Hot Therapy:

    Place pillow on a plate and heat it up in the microwave oven for 30s. Use it as an eye pillow or as a hot compress for the breasts.
  • Cold Therapy:

     Store pillow in the ziplock bag in freezer 1 hour before use. Use it as an eye pillow or as a cold compress for the breasts.