What we do

Support Mothers and Small Businesses

We are here to support all mothers out there trying to be the best mother they can be for their children. We do that by offering products that can benefit mothers in their recovery postpartum. At the same time, we aim to partner with social enterprises or organizations that empower mothers.

As a small business, we want to highlight other small businesses that aligns with our purpose. We work with them to include their products, thereby supporting their business as well.

Our Collaborators

The Asli Co.

Our current first collaboration we are working with is The Asli Co. They are a social enterprise which empowers the Orang Asli women by selling their handmade products. In our RELAX kit, we are featuring their Lavender Flax Seed Eye Pillow, which can be used to help Mamas sleep and rest better.


Since last Christmas, we partnered with Främsta to include their shower steamers in our kits! They're a local small business that believes in putting families first and that clean and organized homes make people feel that they have more time for their loved ones. Indeed, new mothers need to feel like they can have time for themselves and their families. The shower steamer is a good way for them to relax while showering and we hope it will bless Mamas in need of some self-care.


Our founder, Sarah Raman, is recently featured on She Rocks by GiftGood — a fabulous & growing directory that features Asia-based female entrepreneurs and business owners. GiftGood is an online gifting platform, founded with the vision of enabling meaningful Asian brands to reach a wider audience with ease and confidence. GiftGood curates up-and-coming Asian brands that are women-led, sustainable, and socially responsible, and connects them with online consumers as well as companies who look for quality, practical, and meaningful gifts.


Since October 2023, we've partnered with 2NutGuys to include their Mummy's Nutmond Butter, a lactation booster loved by many moms, in our collections. 2NutGuys is founded by 2 fathers who aimed to come up with something for their wives' breastfeeding journey.