Pregnant and Popped - Fourth Wellness Booth

Fourth Wellness' First Pop-Up at Pregnant and Popped!

Fourth Wellness had our first pop-up last Saturday, 13th May, at Pregnant and Popped, the Baby Fair for Mums by Empowa, held at Trehaus, Funan Mall!

It was such an experience meeting different perinatal experts - physiotherapists, osteopaths, paediatricians, baby sleep consultants, doulas, midwives and even fitness coaches! There were also several other businesses that are all about supporting mothers, mostly mother-founded as well!

The day was filled with an interesting line up of talks that were free for attendees to attend and equip themselves with knowledge about all things pregnancy and postpartum related. Attendees could also meet with experts for consultations and there were even free mini photoshoot sessions for Mamas! 

We are so thankful to have the opportunity to interact with attendees who were either expecting their first child or their 2nd child onwards and share our brand’s mission - loving mothers well in their fourth trimester and caring for their needs as their bodies heal after giving birth. We were able to showcase our specially curated collections of postpartum relaxation and recovery products and share how they help mothers in their recovery. To add some fun element, we even had a lucky wheel that could add further discounts or freebies to any on-the-spot purchases!

Check out some of the photos of our booth and the event below!

Pregnant and Popped Booth Set Up

Still in the middle of setting up!

Pregnant and Popped Event Booth 1

All ready to welcome the attendees!

Pregnant and Popped Event

Pregnant and Popped Event Booth 2 

Introducing our products to attendees...

Pregnant and Popped Event Pack Up

All done and dusted after the event!

We look forward to the next Pregnant and Popped Event that would take place closer to the end of the year so do keep an eye out for that closer to date!

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