Fourth Wellness RESTORE Collection - Postpartum Recovery Products for New Mothers in Singapore

What's in the RESTORE Collection

At Fourth Wellness, we want to love mothers in their fourth trimester and care for them as their bodies heal from giving birth. With that in mind, we have launched our new RESTORE collection to serve the needs of postpartum recovery for new moms through curated essential postpartum care items.

Being pregnant for 10 months and then going through the intense labour process to give birth to another human being is no easy feat. A woman’s body undergoes tremendous change, hormonally to physically. And all of that needs to be restored after they give birth. Our RESTORE collection provides items to meet that purpose and they come bundled in 2 care kits suitable for either vaginal births or c-section births.

Firstly, we bring to you herbal-infused postpartum pads by Bare Mum, an Australian brand born out of the desire to support women in their motherhood journey as well. Bleeding is an inevitable part of the postpartum period for a new mom. It is important to have comfortable and ultra-absorbant pads to tide them through this season. The herbal-infusion using natural ingredients in these pads also helps provide greater relief from the discomfort in the perineal area at the same time too.

A well-designed perineal wash bottle makes all the difference in keeping the perineal area clean during the postpartum period. The upside-down and angled spout makes it easy to squirt at hard-to reach areas and the gentle pressure helps to soothe any pain too. Apart from using it to clean the perineal area, c-sect Mamas may also use it to gently clean the area surrounding their c-sect wounds using this bottle too.

Fourth Wellness Restore Kit (Vaginal Birth)

In our RESTORE Kit (vaginal birth), we include the herbal perineal spray by Earth Mama, a brand hailing from USA, known for its range of herbal products tailored for mothers, babies and families. Their herbal perineal spray is cruelty-free and parabens-free, and made with a concoction of herbs that provides soothing and healing relief for the perineal area. Perfect for spraying directly with its clever upside-down sprayer but one can also spray onto regular pads for additional comfort and relief.

Fourth Wellness RESTORE Kit (C-section Birth)

Lastly, our popular eye pillow can be found in the RESTORE Kit (c-section birth) as it can also serve as a heating pad to help with pain relief around the c-section wound region! Just warm it up in the microwave before use and place it near the wound to help ease the pain in the area. Take note to use this only a week after delivery to allow the wound to heal more first. What’s great about this is that Mamas can definitely still use this item beyond this function alone!

If you are a mom-to-be looking for postpartum recovery products, this collection is for you. Or if you’re searching for a gift for a new mom, giving them a RESTORE Kit can be a way to show you care about their postpartum recovery. All orders containing our RESTORE Kits qualify for free shipping and for the month of April, we are also running a special launch promo where you can get either $2/3/5 of a minimum spend of $50/80/100. Check out the RESTORE collection now!

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