Introducing the Fourth Wellness RELAX Kit

Introducing the Fourth Wellness RELAX Kit

Hello everyone! Whether you are a Mama, a spouse, a family member or just a friend, you are in the right space. I am Sarah, founder of Fourth Wellness, and I am happy to welcome you into this community that prioritises the wellbeing of a new mother through specially curated gifts and care kits.

I became a mother last year when my husband and I were living away from family in the United States. The “Fourth Trimester” was rough and tough but I was pleasantly surprised by the thoughtful gifts from friends that were helpful for my postpartum recovery throughout that period. Often, our babies get the limelight and are the ones receiving gifts, not the mothers!

This concept of gifting a mother - even just simple things that can help them relax - was very refreshing and also comforting to me as a first-time mother especially. To share this experience with mothers here in Singapore and, to raise awareness to the challenges of a mother in their fourth trimester, I decided to start Fourth Wellness. 

Fourth Wellness is about loving mothers in the fourth trimester and caring for their needs as their bodies heals after giving birth. We are here to provide every spouse, family member, and friend with options and inspirations of how you may gift a mother and restore wellness to her after she has given birth. 

To start off, we have just launched our first care kit, the RELAX Kit, specially curated with items that help Mamas relax after an exhausting day. Some can even perform double duty in helping to relieve breast engorgement or clogged ducts, which are common breastfeeding challenges Mamas can face.

Check out the RELAX Kit here and get started with gifting a Mama you know. Don’t forget to use the promo code ‘FREESHIP’ as part of our opening gift to you!

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